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Next Event:

A Million Dreams to Beat Cancer

With the challenges of the pandemic, fundraising for Cancer Research UK has fallen.

The Nags have had to postpone the charity rugby match this year, so we have created this fundraiser for anyone to participate in as a substitute.

During the month of May 2021, you can do anything you like, 500 press-ups, give up smoking, climb the staircase 100 times, its completely up to you!

Just dream up your challenge, set your target and complete it before the end of May, simple!

To fundraise we have set up a giving page where donations arrive at CRUK immediately.

The Nags with its 900 members will be supporting this event with all their hearts as they always do, and trying to raise as much as possible for our beloved charity CRUK.

But the invite goes out to anyone interested.

Dream a challenge, share your story, invite sponsorship.

Good luck!

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The Nags' Mission

The Nags Charity Barbarians have raised a grand total of £96000 for Cancer Research UK since we formed in 2012.

This is our record so far:

2012 - 5 Nags pulled a narrowboat the length of a marathon.
2014, 2016, 2018 - Over 100 Nags including players and support staff played three charity rugby matches against Kidderminster RFC, Lampeter RFC and Droitwich RFC.
2015 - 1000 Nags and friends took part in our 'Walk a mile, donate a pound'.
2017 - 37 Nags canoed 50 miles down the River Severn over three days.
2019 - 75 Nags climbed Snowdon 168 times over a weekend.

Our next mission was to play a Llansawel Invitational Squad at Llandovery RFC in June 2020. This was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and will take place as soon as is possible.

The Nags have over 700 members and our doors are always open to new members. Our welcome is infectious so if anyone wishes to become 'A Nag' then please do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook group page 'The Nags Charity Barbarians'.

Who We Are Doing This For

Rugby is a hard, physical sport, which requires great strength and determination.
Whilst playing for the Nags, many players draw strength and inspiration from the personal battles countless of their friends and family members have both won and lost with cancer.
Some of the Nags have chosen to share the names of the people who they carry in their hearts whilst they do their bit to tackle cancer with rugby.

Heather Allen
Ray Allen
Nigel Amess (Lionel)
Richard Banks
Pat Bennett
Paul Bennett
Philip Biggins
Peter Bingham
Arthur Brinkworth
Norman Brinkworth
Peter Brinkworth
Tony Brooks
Rita Bucknell
Frances Butler
Pat Burley
Kevin Calloway

Allen Carter
Ann Carter
Bette Corkhill
Pam Danks
Philippa Danks
Barbara Davies
Gaff Garth Davies
Gwyn Davies
Rhoda Davies
David Duffield
Margaret Edwards
Pauline Edwards
Richard Emerey
Anthony Evans
Ralph Evans
Thelma Evans

Albert Felton
Ralph Felton
Brenda Francis
Dave Garrett
David Glenn
Barbara Goode
Joe Goodwin
Bruce Hancocks
Dave Hipkiss
John James (Flash)
Peris James
Sara James
Joice Jefferies
Richard Jefferies
Elwyn "Butch" Jones
Gwyneth Jones

Luke Jones
William Jones
John Kerrigan
John Kroese
June Lamm
Chris Lammas
Margaret Lewis
Michael Lee
Michael Lloyd
Mike (Bob) Lloyd
Dan Logan
Joanne Macguire
Chris Matthews
Nan & Grandad Miles
Lavine Monkton
Francis Moran

Mike Moran
Tony Mulholland
Christina Murphy
Michael O'Flynn
Molly Poole
Brian Poulton
Olga Price
David Richards
Trevor Roberts
Antony Root
Janet Scott
Michael Scott
Sarah Sheen
Kirsty Shewell
GG (Sue)
Dave Taylor

Kate Taylor
Adrian Thomas
Josephine Nicola Thomas
Nick Thorpe
Philip Thorpe
Yvonne Thorpe
Roy Tombs
Joan Voyle
Sylvia Wakefield
Sylvia Walsh
Keith Watkins
Alan Watson
Doreen Weaver
Geoff Wyle
Marjorie Youens